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USA Meals
1. U.S.A. Fillet Burger£2.50
2. U.S.A. Chicken Burger Meal£3.90Chicken Fillet, Regular Fries, Regular Drink
3. U.S.A. Mini Chicken Meal£2.601 Piece of Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Drink
4. U.S.A. Chicken Meal£3.502 Pieces Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Drink
5. U.S.A. Chicken Wings Meal£3.305 Spicy Chicken Wings or 6 Chicken Nuggets, Regular Fries, Regular Drink
7. U.S.A. Chicken Feast£3.992 Pieces of Chicken, 2 Spicy Wings, Regular Fries, Regular Drink
8. U.S.A. Bargain Bucket£9.996 Pieces of Chicken, 4 Regular Fries
9. U.S.A. Bargain Bucket with Spicy Wings£9.996 Pieces of Chicken, 4 Spicy Wings, 3 Regular Fries
10. U.S.A. Family Box£14.998 Pcs Chicken, 6 Spicy Wings,1 Portion of Ribs, 1 Barbecue Beans, 1 Coleslaw, 4 Regular Fries, 1.5 Ltr Soft Drink
11. U.S.A. Family Box£16.9910 Pcs Chicken, 6 Spicy Wings, 1 Portion of Ribs, 1 Barbecue Beans, 1 Coleslaw, 4 Regular Fries, 1.5 Ltr Soft Drink
Just Chicken
1 Pc Chicken£1.10
2 Pc Chicken£2.10
3 Pc Chicken£3.30
4 Pc Chicken£4.30
6 Pc Chicken£6.30
8 Pc Chicken£8.00
12 Pc Chicken£11.90
USA Nuggets
6 Nuggets£1.80
9 Nuggets£2.40
20 Nuggets£4.60
New on the Menu
Chicken Wrap Meal£3.99
Popcorn Chicken Meal£3.99
USA Chicken Strips Meal£3.99
Spicy Chicken Wings
USA Side Orders
Large Chips£1.20
Chips & Cheese£2.00
Spicy Mushrooms£2.00
Popcorn Chicken£2.40
Corn on the Cob£1.50
Onion Rings£1.80More
USA Special Onion Rings/Mushrooms£2.50
BBQ Beans£1.00
Bottle of Coke£1.80
1.5L Drinks£3.00
Apple Pie£1.20
Fudge Cake£1.50
Cheese Cake Special£1.50
Haagen Dazs£4.80
USA Burgers
Free Chips with 1/2lb Burgers
Beef Burger£2.10More
Chilli Burger£2.10More
Vegi Burger£3.00More
Cheese Burger£2.20More
Tropicana Burger£2.80MoreWith bacon & pineapple
Bacon Burger£2.30MoreServed with 2 rashers of bacon
Hawaiian Burger£2.40MoreServed with cheese & pineapple
USA Burger Special£2.30MoreServed with cheese & coleslaw
USA Chicken Burgers
USA Chicken Fillet Burger£2.50
USA Chicken Fillet Burger with cheese£2.60
USA Chicken Fillet Burger with hash brown & cheese£3.00
USA Double Fillet Burger£4.60
USA Extras
Chicken Wrap£2.50
Chicken Strips 4Pc£2.80
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